Bunse Elevator


Bunse Elevator is a Chinese-European technology joint venture, which has transfer of technology from Bunse Aufzuge GmbH Germany. Taking advantage of 50 years of global management experience from Bunse Aufzunge GmbH Germany, Bunse Elevator is becoming one of the leading brands in designing and manufacturing intelligent elevator for various applications. Applying GB 7588-2003, EN 81-1998 and EN 115-1997 standard and as well as the approval of ISO 9001-2008 makes Bunse a high-quality, high-powered elevator in the market.

Quality Policy

  • Delivering innovative design concept
  • Manufacturing high quality product
  • Providing excellent service
  • Establishing first class enterprise

Control System

CPU is capable of 32 digits, circuit board is made of 6 layers which can bring high reliability and stability. LCD realizes friendly human-computer interface with easy operation and maintenance.

Serial communication technology can make the system work steadily and rapidly. Well parameters self-learning, auto-selecting single floor and multi-floor running curve can make the elevator work more comfortable.

Traction Machine

The gear traction machine is of mature technology, with high reliability which make the elevator work smoothly, and durable.

Landing Door System

Landing door is the pearl of the building, various design make it suitable for the building of various style.

Gearless Traction Machine

The gearless traction machine is driven by synchronous motor, which adopts outer-roter mode without worm gear and retarder.

It reduces power wastage, improving the driving efficiency and saves energy and room.

It can be installed in machine roomless elevator and elevator with small machine room.


The curtain adopts the MCU as control core with dual CPU, synchronous pulse, intelligent classification, strong anti, automatic-inspection, and no-reply protection design, anti clamp function and anti-knocking function make its use more safe.

Door Machine

The door machine adopts advanced digital technique and photoelectric encoder which provide convenient adjustment, reliable operation and perfect operational result. The unique door cam and safe door lock device make the landing door and car door run simultaneously. The drive without connecting pole produces steady system, reliable drive, smooth operation and low noise.

  • Safe and high proficiency
  • Energy Saving
  • Multi-side communication
  • On-the-spot supervise
Classified By Machine Room
  • Passenger elevator with machine room,
  • Roomless passenger elevator,
  • Passenger elevator with small machine room
Car ceiling (C-001)

Straight line pattern white acrylic light Hairline-finished Stainless steel


Ventilation with fan

Car panel, Car door

Hairline-finished stainless steel

Landing door, Jump

Steel plate with static spurts spreads (color : Ice grey)

Control panel

Hairfine-finished stainless steel, Micro stroke push button

Display ways


Floor (F-001)

PVC Floor

Hall sill

Hardened Aluminum

Service Features Description of the specifications

Protective features to provide reliable back-up
even in case of main system failure.

Automatic Landing Function

If there are any cars that are stranded between floors in the event of a system failure, the Automatic Landing Function’s microcomputer analyzes the condition and lands the cars at the nearest floors. (Note : Overridden by any similar back-up or safety systems installed in compliance with safety codes.)

Repetitive Door Opening / Closing

This feature automatically detects any anomalies in the doorway area, such as the presence of some obstruction in the door sill, and begins to repeat door opening and closing to allow for the condition to be cleared.

Various Feature in Emergency / Power Failure

Fire Emergency Operation (Optional)

This emergency operation is automatically triggered in case of a fire, when a Fire Alarm Button is actuated, or when a Fire / Smoke Detector detects an abnormality. All hall calls and floor selections are cancelled, passengers are informed of the emergency procedure with a “Fire” sign and a voice announcement, and all cars are sent directly to the emergency exit floor. Door open at the emergency floor and passengers are guided to safety.

Automatic Landing in Power Failure (Optional)

In case of a power failure, backup lamps are automatically lighted in the cars, while the system’s operation is switched to the elevator system’s own battery powered inverter. Cars stranded between floors are landed at the nearest floor : otherwise, doors are opened and passengers are let out (Note: Overridden by any similar back-up or safety systems installed in compliance with safety codes.)

Power Failure Emergency Operation (Optional)

In case of a power failure, the system’s operation is automatically switched to emergency generator. All cars are first sent to emergency exit floor. When all cars have returned to the emergency exit floor, limited operation is resumed depending on the capacity of the generator.

In-Car Emergency Lamps

In case of power outage, car interiors are automatically lighted by emergency lamps. In most localities, emergency lamps are required by law as a necessary elevator safety feature. (self-charging).

Efficient service with special operation modes
that adapt to current traffic conditions

Service Floor Cut-Off Selection (Optional,software Interface)

Adapting to changes in building usage that may occur in time, this control computer interface allows easy alterations in the elevator system’s operation, selecting serviced floors and cut-off floors as needed. The selection can be executed easily by the maintenance staff without professional help.

Scheduled Service Floor Cut-Off (Optional,software interface)

Selection of serviced floors can be switched by timer. Servicing schedule may be altered easily using the software interface..

Scheduled Peak-Time Operation (Optional)

Automatically alters the main floor to adapt to changes in passenger traffic during morning and evening peak hours. Service efficiency is enhanced just by homing the cars closer to where the passengers are likely to be waiting.

Automatic Full Car Bypass (Optional)

Fully loaded cars will not respond floor calls on the way, thereby eliminating time-wasting stops.

Stop At All Floors (Optional)

A crime-preventing special operation for night-time and holidays. Doors open at all floors to keep the elevator more open and visible.

Automatic Door Open Timing

The computer monitors the combination of the hall calls and car operation selections, and adjusts door open timing according to pre-set criteria.

Forced Car Homing (Optional, standard for multiple-car operations)

When a car has finished serving all floor selections, it is normally left to stand by at the last serviced floor. With this option, the car may be homed to a present floor. Cars can thus be sent to stand by at the lobby or any other floor where there are most likely to be passengers.

Parking Switch

During low-traffic hours such as during night-time or holidays, the system can be set so that a car can be “parked” by simply turning the Parking Switch on a floor’s Hall Panel

Automatic Parking (Optional)

Unused cars are parked automatically, without Parking Switch operation, during prescheduled hours.

Electronic voice announcements provide
passengers with operation information.

Auto Announce Function (Optional)

The Auto Announce Function provides more detailed information to the passengers compared to the standard announcement system. Including floor and direction, door opening / closing, scheduled operations, and other information depending on the building’s needs. The system features natural electronic voice synthesis.

Arrival Prediction Chime (Optional)

Informs passengers ahead of time that a car is arriving, giving passengers time to prepare for boarding. In group operations with three of four cars per bank, the arrival prediction chime and hall lanterns (basic design fixtures) are installed standard on all floors.

Optional features for even smoother operation.

Sub Car Operating Panel (Optional)

The Car Operation panel is designed to be simple and installed 1000 mm height for easy to use for everyone.

Extended Door Open Button (Optional)

Pushing this button keeps the doors open for an extended amount of time. A safe, convenient feature, for example when loading or unloading cargo.