• 10 - 16 tons
    Diesel Powered

  • Reliable maneuverability & Safety. Superb performance under hard working conditions

  • Innovated



    Drawbar Pull



  • 16 - 23 tons
    Heavy Duty Forklift

  • Amazing power, yet substantially improved maneuverability,
    comfort & safety
  • 25 - 30 tons
    Large-size Forklift

  • The 25-ton TCM forklift truck has been ranked as the best-selling product in its class for more than seventeen years since its debut in 1989. The new FD250 and FD300 forklifts equipped with an engine compliant with Japanese 2nd stage emission controls, wider front and rear visibility, and 4-speed automatic transmission – are indeed the leading “Comfortable Forklift Trucks” for this age of advanced material handling.

  • Top-class

    lifting speed

  • 37 - 43 tons
    Laden Container Handler

  • TCM has proudly launched its newly revamped heavy duty forklift trucks-model FD430 in response to the needs of ever enlarging container yards as well as heavy industries such as steel mills.

  • Capable to stack up to

    5 containers

    Lifting speed 340 mm/s